Our Story


In global stance women are to enjoy an equal share of value in all reforms emerging from household to the complex political structures of the economic sphere. Today's postmodern era entertains multiple channels and platform that advocate for women's rights and empowerment on International levels but sadly the situation seems far gloomier if we are to consider the current role of a woman in Pakistan.

Women in Pakistan are being deprived of their right of freedom, education and liberty which is further narrowed down to neglection, alienation and ultimately restriction to merely serve households.

This is where the Throttle sisters aims to put a pair of wings (Pankh) to every single individual women who are constantly facing and confronting such gender oriented atrocities in each phase of their lives.

Pankh is a venture for the right cause as it tends to serve women by assisting them in scooter training in minimal charges. The focus of this form is to put an end to the dependency factor of women as they have to rely upon their male oriented figures such as fathers, husbands and siblings just for the sake of commute.

This wonderful initiative by Throttle sisters will not only help in moderating a secure conveyance method for travelling women but also help them discover a refined identity by aiding them in reaching their full potential.

The founder of the Throttle Sisters Miss Madiha Hassan shares her own experience that how she faced transportation issues in her student life so she took an initiative to empower women by train them to ride a scooty and became independent rather than depend on family members.

Director of Super power motorcycle Mr. Naveed Pirani says that they introduce scooty for women in Pakistan to solve all the issues they are facing in transportation. It is convenient and easy to ride scooty, without clutch, self-start and reliable for daily use.